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Submission Guidelines

Submissions that do not comply with the following guidelines will be rejected. Please make sure you read these guidelines before submitting a website

  1. Do not submit sites containing inappropriate material. Only those sites which are considered family friendly will be accepted
  2. Do not submit inner pages, subdomains or sites that do not use a real domain or those that are hosted on free webhosts.
    • The title and description of the site you submit should be well written and in English.
    • The titles and descriptions should not contain any fragments or grammatical errors
    • This is a quality web directory hence we request submitters to write quality descriptions. We will not accept listings that are stuffed with keywords. Only sites with quality descriptions will be considered for review
    • Use proper capitalization. Do not over capitalize titles or descriptions
  3. Please submit your site to the most appropriate category. Do not submit any links to parent categories
  4. Do not submit affiliate websites or sites that are MFA or under construction
  5. Do not use automated tools to submit sites to this directory!
  6. Approved links at KiZEX live forever

It is under our sole discretion to accept or reject a website. If your site is rejected, it would only mean your submission did not meet the guidelines mentioned above or that your site does not contain quality content.

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